Julien Rochefort-Delsalle3D Artist

    The encounter between Julien and PIXI was not conventional; one could even say it was providential. He only needed a few minutes to secure an internship, and not many weeks later, we knew we couldn’t let him slip away. Fresh out of university, Julien is already technically proficient, precise and rigorous, and his thirst to learn seems insatiable – this is why PIXI’s reality, where challenges are renewed at each project, suits him so well. A great football fan, to the point where he envisioned making it his career, but an injury made him revise his plans… he chose to pursue 3D studies, a choice we certainly wouldn’t argue. A lover of good eats and great ales, he finds his centre between the effervescence of our gourmet city and the great outdoors where he likes to hike to recharge his batteries.

    #1 on his bucket list : To visit Scotland and do a tour of the best Scottish pubs